Pay. Get paid. Transfer. Escrow.

We help our partners grow and enable hassle-free payment for retail and SME customers across numerous markets.

Merchant Dashboard

Contactless payment technology that works across browsers & devices allowing users to make payments in person, online, and with their mobile app.

Invoice Payments

Send invoices to your customers or vendors to get fast and easy online payments. Fastest and easiest way to create an invoice payment.

Why DroppCash?

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Accounts in 30 seconds

Experience a full-stack money app, and forget the hassles of old banking.

Cash-in, Cash-out

Get easy access to DroppCash agents available to provide deposits, withdrawals, and transfer services to customers.

Zero fees

Send and receive money in seconds to and from anywhere in the world between DroppCash users, without any fees.

Pay Without Fear

Enjoy the most secure payment service using DroppCash Escrow option. Never worry about payments or transfers again.

Mobile App

Access your account, experience great financial service on the move, and view all transactions in real-time

Spend like a local

Create wallets in the Fiat/Cryptocurrency you want. Exchange, Transfer, or Spend your currency of choice.

Create an account in under 30 seconds.

No setup fees, maintaining balances, or ridiculous requirements.

Get started in 3 simple steps

Register on DroppCash

Sign up with your email address and use the code sent to verify your account.

Complete your KYC

Enjoy the full suite without limits after submitting a few documents for KYC verification.

Enjoy Unlimited Transactions

Add local funds, exchange, pay, get paid, transfer, spend and withdraw.


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